MTBing with Morgan

Morgan quite enjoys his cycling at the moment, so we had an action replay on Monday of the day we had on Friday.

Once again it was bilberry picking up at Pendam followed by a picnic, a mountain bike ride and then some more bilberry picking. We went off in search of blackberries as well, but although we found some that were ripe we really need to give it another couple of weeks before there are loads of them.

The ride was good though, we went around Llyn Blaenmelindwr first where we caught up with the Teece-Rounds who we had bumped into earlier. I had a chat whilst Morgan went off and did the Camel’s Hump and Spaghetti Junction sections on his own, then I went chasing after him. As I did so I realised that I was the one wearing the GPS so now Morgan was going to have a bit of an anomaly on his ride as the speed I did these sections at were bound to be ‘Personal Records’ for him.

We then heading out along the Syfyddrin Trail for a change so that Morgan could take in some of the scenery. He really loved being out in the middle of nowhere and it turned out to be a nice day too.

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  1. mum says:

    Lovely photos,what a great way to spend the day,I hope Morgan realises what a good life he has

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