Walking the Ceredigion Coast Path

It’s so nice with the light evenings and slightly warmer weather to be outdoors with the Scouts. The winter months become a little diffiuclt trying to organise suitable activities for them but now that the days are longer we can just go outdoors and do something.

Last nights activity was a walk from Clarach to Borth along the Ceredigion Coast Path so there wasn’t much to organise really. We had planned it for an evening that would coincide with a low tide so that we might have the opportunity to walk along the beach for some stretches of the walk but in the end it turned out that the tide wasn’t quite a large enough one so we stuck to the path. I knew the route quite well and you can’t really go wrong so we left a car with hot drinks and chocolate biscuits at Borth, drive into Clarach, met the Scouts and headed off… We barely even needed anything, just a few supplies, walking boots and waterproofs, contact details for all of them in case of emergency and a first aid kit.

The official Ceredigion Coast Path Guide describes this section of the path as :

Distance 5.1km (3.2 miles), grade – hard

With several big climbs this is a tough section of the coast path. At Wallog the causeway of Sarn Cynfelin can be seen stretching out to sea at low tide.

It did indeed prove to be a bit of a challenge for them and the entire walk took us just over 2 hours so that we arrived in Borth just after 9:30pm. That was complete with a few stops, some waiting for the stragglers and the odd little bit of first aid administration (for a blister). The Scouts all seemed to enjoy it even if it was quite a challenge for a few of them. The Explorers walked the path on their own and obviously covered the distance quite a bit quicker than us so when we arrived at the hall we were greeted by a barbeque which the Scouts all seemed to enjoy too.

Morgan joined us as well – we don’t really have much choice. He managed to fall in the river and had been running around on the beach with Cubs for a couple of hours beforehand but he took it all in his stride. Although when he finally got home at gone 10pm and took off his shoes he exclaimed “No Way, that walk has worn my socks out!!”.. Indeed it had!

That Walk Wore my Socks Out!

That Walk Wore my Socks Out!

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