Garmin Connect Updates

I’m not impressed with the new Garmin Connect updates. The calendar part of their online offerings used to be one of the best as far as at a glance viewing of your training was concerned. They had lovely colour coding of different activity types, a brief overview of each of your activities and a weekly summary too.

This all changed with their latest updates though and their calendar is now just plain ugly!

Here’s a screenshot of the old calendar.

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect

And here’s the new one.

New Garmin Connect

New Garmin Connect

OK, they’ve added calories to the weekly totals section but that’s not a huge amount of use and could easily have been added to the old layout. They’ve also added a Monthly totals feature at the bottom which is a nice touch but again could have been added to the old one anyway. But they’ve taken away so much. Colour coding for the different types of activities is the most obvious thing lacking and the title of the activity too. I used to be able to look at the month view and quickly and easily see what I’d been doing, different types of activity such as swimming, cycling and running would stand out as each was a different colour. Each activity then had the name of that activity, be it hill reps on the bike or 8x 400m in the pool along with the duration and distance covered in the activity. It was perfect, just what I needed.

The new one has none of this. All activity types are the same colour and they don’t have the activity title anymore, just the distance and duration. Such a shame and there’s a big discussion thread on their forums agreeing with me. Garmin’s blurb about the calendar updates say:

We’ve completely revamped your calendar and added a ton of features. It’s now a great place to plan your training. You can drag and drop workouts and notes; see your weekly, monthly or yearly totals by activity; color code almost everything; and so much more.

‘Colour Code everything’??? – If only that were true – You could before, but you can’t now. Lucky for me I use TriBlogs and Rubitrack (see my post about online training diary options) to store my training data as well because the new Garmin Calendar has been rendered pretty much useless to me by these updates.

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