A Lego Truck

Morgan is a little spoilt by his Granny – But I suppose that’s what grandparents are for and it does mean that he enjoyed our recent trip to the Isle of Man as well. On top of having special food cooked for him such as pancakes for breakfast, there were plenty of other little treats too. Not just ice-creams, trips to the slides at the swimming pool and days out caching with us but also knitting lessons and equipment from Granny along with a new Hexbug and some other toys and a huge lego model.

The building of the lego model was a joint effort with some help from me to start with and then some from Granny whist Anna and I had a snooze. I then took over again fixed the errors and helped complete the build. Not that Morgan needs any help with it, it’s just that I can’t resist playing with Lego!

The model is certainly recommended as it’s part of the creator range from Lego so can be rebuilt into a sports car or crane and comes with instructions for these. The pickup truck that we’ve built has steerable wheels, wing mirrors that adjust and a winch system for loading the car onto the back. As with all lego models it is the attention to detail that really sets it apart with little touches like a rear view mirror in the cab and even cubby holes on the inside of the opening doors. It also has flashing lights!



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