One of THOSE weekends

That weekend didn’t quite go as well as planned. Most things were fine. Friday evenings MTB ride with the Scouts went well. Despite the torrential rain all day long it stopped just before we set off and we had a good ride around the Pendam Trail.

I was then off on a rifle shooting tutors course all day Saturday and Sunday so that I’m now qualified to teach the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers how to shoot air rifles in the shooting range. I’m not that keen on guns myself and I’m not into shooting at all. However, when practised properly as a sport it is safe, fun and teaches good discipline, control, concentration and is accessible to all. Now that I’ve done the course I can teach the Scouts the the correct, safe way to do it. I’m sure it’s something they’ll all be keen to do, so it’ll be another activity to add to the list, and who knows we may end up with a shooting team one day.

I managed to get my bike ride in on Saturday morning before heading off to the course, and a run and swim in on Sunday morning. I even managed to find time to watch the Grand Prix, the Tour de France highlights and some Wimbledon, so things were going quite well.

However, the Hard Drive in my computer decided to fail on Saturday morning. Not ideal as this contains everyhting I need to run my entire Website Design Business, all of my training schedules and diaries, all of my music, videos and photos and pretty much my entire life. Luckily I have plenty of backups. These include a Time Machine Back-Up, three cloned back-ups (one performed Daily, one Weekly and one Monthly) and I have an offsite backup courtesy of Carbonite. Thanks to the Daily Clone I am able to start my Mac up and run it from the external Hard Drive containing the Clone so can just about continue to do things.

I’ve also got AppleCare on my iMac so will be able to get the Hard Drive swapped out at the Apple Store under the AppleCare Program. The only problem with this is that the nearest Apple Store is miles away so I have it booked in for an appointment on Saturday morning in Bristol. Hopefully they’ll be able to¬†replace the Hard Drive there and then and transfer all of my data back to it so that I can bring it back home with me next weekend. In the meantime I shall just have to try to do as little work as possible so as not to have too many things to copy back from the Cloned Hard Drive to the internal one once it is fixed. Getting everything synced back up may be a little time consuming.

Next, the pump in the septic tank has decided to start shorting out the trip switch every now and then. I switched it back on on Saturday evening only to find that the soakaway¬†couldn’t quite cope so it flooded the garden. Great!! Not only is the garden a little soggy and smelly but we have to pay someone to come out and replace / fix the pump in the Septic Tank!

After that, the microwave decided to blow up!!! Oh well, time for a new microwave as well.

They say these things come in 3’s so hopefully that’s the last of it for now.

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