Geocaching with a Samsung Galaxy S2

Now, I may be a bit of an Apple fan boy, but when someone offers me an alternative toy to play with I’m not going to say no.

Yesterday, Alan from Bridging the Rural Divide popped around with a lovely looking Samsung Galaxy S2 smart phone. It has the ‘everytrail’ loaded onto it and they want me to take the phone out with me when I go places and use the app to record my activities. Everytrail records your position and movements using the inbuilt GPS receiver and allows you to take photos along the way, geolocating them as you go.

I took it with me yesterday when I went to collect Morgan and then we headed off to do some geocaches – I had also loaded a free geocaching app onto the phone called c:geo. The geocaching app worked really well. The live map shows you where you are and any geocaches that are around you. If you are logged into then it shows you which ones are yours, which ones you have found and which ones you have yet to find. Then just tap on the cache and the complete description of the geocache and all the logs are displayed. Click on the ‘goto’ button and it gives you a compass and points you in the right direction.

Morgan and I soon found a couple of geocaches that we hadn’t done before. I couldn’t find a way to log my finds from within the app, but I wasn’t using the official app, just a free one so I’m sure you can log your finds from within the official one. You can of course simply go to the website through the web browser on the phone to log your visits.

I did start the everytrail app whilst out geocaching, but unfortunately I didn’t have much battery life on the phone and it didn’t have enough juice to take photos so I wasn’t really able to record much. Not too worry, it will be fully charged next time.

Who needs a dedicated GPS when you can have it all on your phone? I do because I can’t afford a phone, but I can see why people love them. The phone itself is lovely. It has a gorgeous screen, is fast, easy to use and does everything you’d want it to. It is however VERY much like an iPhone so I guess I would like it!

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  1. Sion says:

    I use c:geo every time I go caching – and I know that you can post
    logs very well. I’m not sure of the procedure with the Galaxy S2 as
    I use a HTC – press the menu button then just press Log Visit.

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