Sports Day 2011

After a postponement on Monday, Tuesday was bright and sunny so Morgan’s school sports day was on. Morgan was very excited about it all this year, he had made it through to be selected for the relay race so would be doing that as well as the races that they all do:

  • Sprints
  • Obstacle Course
  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Sack Race

The parents all took their positions in the sun and out came the children in their three houses – Bronfratih (Blue), Gogerddan (Red) and ┬áMorgan’s tema Trawscoed (Green). The all wear team colours for the day and they look really good in matching colours in their respective groups. They all look excited too so the teachers do an amazing job of keeping them all well behaved!







Before long, the races were underway and as usual the organisation was great. It all seems to happend pretty smoothly, the teachers all know what they are doing (or so it seems) scores are kept, everyone races and the children seem to know the procedure well too. Best of all they all seem to be having fun. Many of the children are quite competitive but they all seem to be fine when not winning as well – just as it should be.

Morgan did well, winning the sack race by miles, coming second in the sprints by a tiny margin and coming second in the obstacle race. He didn’t place so well in the egg and spoon race though. He had made a little book the night before about sports day with each of the races listed and we had to keep track of the position that he came in each race.

Unfortunately, the postponement from the day before meant that Anna couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but she did at least get to see Morgan in both the obstacle race and the sack race.

In the end Gogerddan won (yet again), with Trawscoed 2nd and Bronfraith 3rd. A pleasant afternoon in the sun watching the children race and enjoy themselves.

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