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Phew, that was lots of work but it should be worth it. I’ve finally finished producing the hard copy version of our 2009 weblog book and have ordred the first printed copy. Shhh…don’t tell Anna though as it’s going to be an anniversary present!

Once it arrives we’ll have printed versions for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The previous years books are excellent and we love them all. The printing is really good and the layout has improved slightly each time as I add a few little flourishes here and there. It does take a huge amount of work to produce a book like this, but they are worth every hour of effort. I haven’t kept track of the time to produce it, but even ignoring the writing of the blog in the first place, the desktop publishing and editing alone must have taken around 100 hours.

The 2009 edition is a whopping 440 pages full of memories, photos and even comments from the weblog. If you have ever commented on a post here then it is likely to now be in print in the book. Everyone who sees the finished article in the flesh is always really impressed and wishes they had a similar keepsake of the things they were up to throughout the years.

You can see a full preview of the book here – What’s your favourite spread? I think mine is pages 284 & 285 but it’s hard to choose.

Time to start working through the 2010 edition which I think will have to be split into two volumes.

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