A Very Hilly Run

I’ve been set a training plan by a coach in the triathlon club and have therefore been trying to stick to it. On the schedule for Wednesday was a hilly 45 minute run. Now, it’s 4 miles to the nearest hill from here so running from home means that all of my runs to date have been flat.

As it was supposed to be a hilly run I jumped into the car and drive into Borth and then ran along the coast path. I think however that this may have been taking the ‘hilly’ concept a little to far as the coast path is simply one very steep ascent followed by a steep descent over and over again. Nowhere is there time to catch your breath or relax. The climbs are brutal, becoming steps (at knee-height) at time and the descents are just as bad as they are steep, slippery and just plain dangerous at speed.

Needless to say my average pace was terrible and in the 45 minutes I only covered 4.5 miles. It was however a gorgeous day, around 15ºC, sunny and with a moderate SE breeze. The views from the coast path were just spectacular. Turquoise blue seas stretching away from me as far as the eye could see, dotted here and there with tiny little specks of boats or flocks of sea-birds. Closer to land the rocks could be seen in the shallows and from my vantage point the water looked perfect for a spot of snorkelling. In fact, the scenery took my mind off the brutality of the climbs and the 45 minutes was gone in a flash.

All in all it was a most enjoyable run

Coast Path Run Topo

Coast Path Run Topo


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