A Festive Treat!

Our next door neighbours are a little behind after Xmas 2010 – or could they be one step ahead of everyone ready for Xmas 2011? Whichever it is their living room still contains their Xmas Tree, so here’s a festive treat for you all – weren’t expecting that at this time of year were you!

Xmas Tree in April

Xmas Tree in April

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  1. Wendy says:

    Hi, I’ve just discovered your Blog whilst Googling Borth sea
    My husband and I love Borth and Ynyslas, in fact he lived there
    for a while when just a lad. We usually spend our spare time in
    the motorhome with our two cats and Borth is our most used
    destination (despite rude comments from our friends). We pay a
    fee to Dafydd Raw-Rees for the use of the car park at the Ynyslas
    turn and enjoy watching the surfers and kite surfers – I guess
    you could be one of the surfers.
    We haven’t been able to visit for a while as my mum was very ill
    but we hope to rectify that very soon. Your blog on the defences
    is great and with the photos has made us itch to come and visit
    again; we really miss our long walks on the beach and along the
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to find out more about
    what is going on in Borth and hope that the changes will be for
    the better – especially for those who have suffered flooding in
    the past.
    We might bump into you one day, on the beach or in The Friendship.
    Good luck with the gardening.
    All the beat, Wendy

  2. Dave Reynolds says:

    We went to Norway straight after Christmas, and then visited Newcastle to see our very young nephew. Got home for two days to pack for a 9 week trip to Venezuela. Taking down the Christmas tree was very low on the agenda ;P

    It has now been packed up, with a little help from Morgan! If Morgan’s Dad was so offended by said tree he could have packed it up himself 😛

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