Morgan’s February Blog

In February it was my Birthday and I had a sleepover with James and Cameron. I got a power kite from Mummy and Daddy and it looks good. I’ll need to practice if I want to fly it well though.

It was parents evening at school so Mummy and Daddy went in to see my teacher and have a look at my work. I think it went well and they seemed quite pleased when they came home, I even got to go to McDonalds for my tea.

It was half term as well so I got week off school. I had a couple of days at home with Daddy and some days at holiday club. Holiday club was fun and we went to the cinema to watch “Tangled” which was really good.

Healthy Eating Badge

Healthy Eating Badge

I did my healthy eating badge at Beavers and I’ve been making sure Mummy and Daddy know which food is good for them. We’ve been counting how much fruit and vegetables we eat each day. I’ve also been trying some new foods and have discovered that I like pizza.

March looks like it is going to be quite busy. I want to do lots of kite flying and I’m not done with my birthday just yet. I’ve got my party this week and Ninny and Grandad are coming to see me at the weekend. It looks like we’ll have our bee hives soon as well so watch this space for more info on how we get on with those.


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