I’ve written here several times about the importance of staying motivated as far as training or keeping fit goes. I’ve also posted plenty of tips to help with that such as:

Suffer Chamber

Suffer Chamber

  • Buying new gadgets.
  • Training with others.
  • Making a habit of it.

and many more. I tend to do these myself, maybe not consciously, but it does work. One of the latest things I’ve been doing to spice my training up has been working out to a Sufferfest video on the Turbo Trainer. Basically these are videos that you can download from the web (at a cost) with structured intervals, music and video footage from the world’s biggest PRO races to keep you going.

Obviously this is something you could quite easily do yourself, but they aren’t too expensive and now and thenh its a good way to give yourself a good workout without the boredom usually associated with the Turbo Trainer.

The first time you do one is always hard as well as you’re not quite sure what to expect and there are always a few little surprises thrown in. I’ve been doing the ‘Downward Spiral’ sufferefest recently and in a strange kind of way enjoy the suffering!

My set up involves my┬áTurbo┬áTrainer in the beach room, with a big fan in front of it, the doors open and next to me, a music stand with my iPad on it playing the sufferfest video at full volume. I’m not the only one mad enough to do this either as the Sufferfest videos are getting a bit of a cult following and people even post photos of their own private sufferfest torture chambers to the web.

Here’s my Heart Rate readout from a recent Downward Spiral Sufferfest.

Sufferfest Heart Rate Trace

Sufferfest Heart Rate Trace

Give it a go, you might just like it!

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