Bristol Bikefest Photo Assignment

Me - Still Smiling

MTB Event Photo

I’m signed up to do the afternoon 4 hour race at the Bristol Bikefest (Oktoberfest) in Ashton Court this weekend, but I intend to get there early and take some photos of the morning events.

I haven’t done any such photo assignments this year as I’ve been competing in the events myself, but last year when I was under doctors orders not to compete I took photos of various MTB events and sold them online to the competitors. They went well, not only did I have a good day out taking photos but I sold some of them too which at least covered my travelling expenses. Hopefully the same will be true of this weekend and I’ll get some good shots that I can cover my costs of entry with.

If you are  competing in the morning then keep an eye out for me and give me your best ‘Rad to the Max’ MTBer look! Photos will be online here a few days after the event. I usually get them up that evening but I shall be staying in Bristol for a day or two afterwards so you’ll have to wait a few days for me to process them.

Hopefully someone will get some good ones of me in the afternoon as well.

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