Bees in the Garden

We may be getting some bees sooner than expected.

Our plans were to get all the equipment ready over the winter and start beekeeping in Spring 2011, but I had an e-mail from someone in the Aberystwyth Beekeeping Association the other day saying:

I am interested in taking one hive to the heather to try to get honey. I thought I had managed to get agreement to put one on Borth Bog but it is slow in happening. So thought I would ask if you would agree to have one of my hives at your place and see if they manage to get any. It would be for about 6 weeks and then they come back to me. What do you think?”

I of course agreedĀ  – I had been thinking of asking if anyone wanted to place a hive in our garden so that we could see how well the bees coped with the exposure and forage (or lack of) hereĀ  – but now I don’t need to.

She’s planning on popping out over the weekend to check out the location and its suitability. Hopefully it will be OK, but we might be further from the bog (and the heather) than she thinks so it might not be what she (or her bees) are looking for. If it is OK though we could well have a hive in the garden sooner than we thought.

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  1. Alan says:

    Ann popped around at the weekend and although she now has permission to place hives on the Bog, she liked the look of our garden and will bring a hive here too. Weather permitting it will hopefully arrive (complete of course with several thousand bees) sometime this week.

    Exciting stuff!


  2. Alan says:

    No bees until next week I’m afraid – The weather hasn’t been nice enough to prepare them for their move.

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