Nightjars and Glowworms Walk

Saturday was certainly a busy day. Moth trapping, invertebrates of Cors Fochno, barbeque, windsurf and then at 9pm we headed off to RSPB Ynyshir for a Nightjars and Glow worms walk.

Caroline led the walk and there was the three of us, plus about 8 other people in attendance. We were a little early really as it didn’t get dark until around 11pm and even then wasn’t completely dark, so we had a very leisurely stroll to our preferred location. Once there, we heard plenty of grasshopper warblers and also the sounds of the wading birds from the Dyfi Estuary. There was a cuckoo in a nearby tree, but no signs of the Nightjar.

Eventually one started up with its distinctive call. Caroline flapped a white tissue around to try to entice it towards us but without any luck. After a while it stopped calling so we slowly headed back to the cars. On the way back we heard another but once again we didn’t manage to see it in flight. We also saw a couple of glow worms in the bank beside the path which was good.

Morgan seemed to enjoy himself and thanks to his afternoon nap managed to stay awake all evening and was very quiet and well-behaved. Anna had fun too, and also stayed awake! Back at home it was now gone midnight and Father’s Day was upon us so Morgan gave me his card and present – A collection of little moth pots which I’ve already put to use this morning.

As far as wildlife walks go it was 100% successful, both species we set out to see / hear were seen and heard, the weather was great and everyone was happy. It did get pretty chilly though with temperatures dropping to 4ÂșC which may explain why there weren’t too many moths in the trap this morning.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Haha, I’m glad someone else does the hanky waving trick too. Everyone laughs at me when I do it but I’ve had some awesome sightings so I just keep on doing it!
    Never seen a Night Jar in Ceredigion though.

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