A few new moths

We put the moth trap out a couple of times over the weekend and got quite a few moths in the trap, but nothing new. The average seems to be around about 60-80 moths at the moment from approximately 25 species.

Last night looked like a good night so I put the trap out again and this time did turn up a few new species for the garden list. Total catch was:

  • 3x Oligia sp.
  • 2x Green Carpet
  • 10x Flame Shoulder
  • 2x Treble Lines
  • 4x Shoulder-striped Wainscot
  • 3x Common Marbled Carpet
  • 13x Heart and Dart
  • 5x Dark Arches
  • 1x Clouded-bordered Brindle
  • 2x Large Yellow Underwing
  • 4x Dusky Brocade
  • 1x Small Magpie
  • 1x Flame
  • 1x Shark
  • 1x Setaceous Hebrew Character
  • 5x Small Square Spot
  • 1x Middle-barred Minor
  • 1x Brown Rustic
  • 1x Buff Tip
  • 1x Silver Y
  • 1x Clouded Silver
  • 1x Heart and Club*
  • 1x Riband Wave*
  • 1x Wormwood Pug
  • 1x Grey Pug

According to the ‘Moths of Ceredigion; by Adrian Fowles – which is admittedly a little out of date now, the Heart and Club isn’t that common in this area:

“Rare in Ceredigion with just eight specimens recorded since the Heart and Club was first taken, at Llanbadarn, in 1937. Apart from a singleton at Trawscoed all other records are from coastal districts, though the species has not yet been identified from Ynyslas which is unusual as this is primarily an inhabitant of dune systems in Wales”

Looks as though that needs revising as I’ve now recorded one from Ynyslas.

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