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I haven’t done much photography lately, other than recording things such as moths and progress in the garden. It was therefore nice to sell one of my photos of Lake Vyrnwy as a Canvas print last week.

I hadn’t been trying to sell the photos, they had simply been posted on this weblog which then prompted an enquiry from someone asking if I was selling them as canvas prints. Luckily, I have had canvas prints made for myself before now and they do look really nice. This meant that I not only had a suitable way of producing a canvas print but knew that the quality and customer service was excellent. I wouldn’t have wanted to sell something without knowing this first.

A few phone calls later and an order had been placed, cheques sent and the canvas print of my photo was in production. The print has now been received and everyone is happy. My customer is delighted to have a lovely canvas print on her wall, the print company has made a sell and I have not only made a little bit of money from one of my photos, but better still, I can bask in the knowledge that someone somewhere is enjoying a little bit of ‘art’ that I created. It’s a really nice feeling knowing that someone has liked what you’ve created enough to hang it on their wall.

Trouble is, it has made me want another canvas print for our wall. Maybe the photo below as it will look nice with the colours in our living room and go perfectly with the other canvas print that I already have there.

Surfer Silhouette Borth

Surfer Silhouette Borth

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  1. Lesley says:

    Thats a great photo Al. I have been thinking of having some of minee made into canvas prints, or possibly a tryptic.. seen the price of some real rubbish in the shops and online, and thought I might look into it. Can you let me know where you had yours done? Its nice to have a recommendation.

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