Building a Raised, Graveled Seating Area

Garden Makeover

Garden Makeover

As you may have read in a previous post I’ve been wanting to transform the garden a little and give it a garden makeover.

Rather than just a piece of grass surrounded by shrubs and flowers I want to create a garden that leads you on and encourages to explore a little further. I want separate, distinct areas to the garden and to create a bit of a journey’ as you go through it.

Of course I haven’t been able to go the whole hog yet in a Groundforce style as these things cost quite a bit, but I have now finished on the structure of the middle part of the garden. I’ve dug a new large flower border in the middle of it and to one side of this I have constructed a raised area filled with gravel upon which I’ve put a bench.

The raised area is actually over a concrete tank so there was very little soil depth here and the grass wasn’t growing too well. It also covers 2 ugly drain covers. It wasn’t difficult to build. After deciding on its shape I simply put some log edging around it keeping them at the height I wanted, put some membrane down and then started the back breaking task of moving 3 tonnes of gravel from the front of the garden to the back of the garden in a wheel-barrow. Once the area was filled with gravel and raked over it transformed the garden.

It will take a little while for the plants around it to grow and make it feel as though is is supposed to be there, but I’m pleased with the result and it certainly adds to the garden.

I do need to plant a few larger shrubs behind the bench though to give it a more sheltered, secluded feel. All we need now is for summer to return so that we can sit out there and enjoy it.

Rustic Garden Bench

Rustic Garden Bench

Graveled Seating Area

Graveled Seating Area

Garden Seating Area

Garden Seating Area

2 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    I think our neighbours have ‘graveled seating area envy’. Pat wants to a gate in the fence so that she can sit in our garden when we’re out. Dave and Sarah want to build a seating area the same as ours!


  2. Lynsey says:

    Hello there!
    I too am making a seating area with a fire pit in it, but I’m not to sure what size/sort if gravel to use! Someone once told me the bigger the stones the better as it would be easier to move the chairs!! I have made it so you step down into the area and lined the edging with bricks, the fire pit is an oval shape made out of large rocks. Do you have any advice on what to use?
    Many thanks

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