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I haven’t been out on my full-suspension MTB for a while now due to various mechanicals.

First I fitted a new bottom bracket and did some shock maintenance. Then, on the very next ride I snapped a spoke in the rear wheel, and on the next ride the freewheel seized up in the cold and the chain started slipping too. I’ve been meaning to get a new wheel for a while as I keep snapping spokes on it, so with the freehub causing issues too now was the time.

The new wheel, a Stans ZTR Flow on a Hope Pro II hub arrived today so I’ve now put that on the bike, complete with a new cassette and new middle chain-ring and chain. I had to buy an ISIS compatible crank puller too in order to replace the chain-ring.

Hopefully it is now once again ready to ride and I can get back out there enjoying the hills. I did get out on my hardtail the other day though which was surprisingly nice to ride and certainly a lot easier up the hills.

It’s just a shame I couldn’t afford a white version of the rear wheel as it looks a little odd with a white wheel up front and a black one at the back, but the extra £70 for a white one was just a little too much for me to afford at the moment. Lets just hope it all lasts and nothing else needs replacing.

Time to RIDE!

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