“Don’t even think about going out on the sea tomorrow”

Expectations for Saturday 14th November have been high in the UK Windsurfing scene. The first major storm of the year and one that look set to produce some epic conditions. For me personally it was exciting too; for a change I would have some people to sail with as Steve, Simon and Jon had all said they would be at Ynyslas for 10am.

So, when the weather came on the news last night I wanted to listen to it. I ‘shhhhsed’ Morgan and the first thing I hear them say is ‘don’t even think about going out on the sea tomorrow‘. Hmmmm, are they mad? This is what we wait for.

Well, it isn’t looking too bad out there at the moment. We had lots of rain overnight and gusts up to 44 knots, but at the moment its around 25 knots and southerly. The forecast is for it to pick up and go pretty mad around midday and then swing westerly later in the afternoon and ease of slightly.

There’s a huge swell as well and lots of rain. It’s going to be scary out there!

Todays Playground

Todays Playground

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  1. Shem says:

    so did u get in Al? I went biking up Pennal woods, but the wind seemed to swing off shore, how was it?

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