Dragons Back Trail at Coed y Brenin

Map and topo section of Dragons Back

Map and topo section of Dragons Back

Thanks to the fact that I have a lovely and very understanding wife (does that earn me some more brownie points?) I was able to get out for a MTB ride on Sunday. Rather than head to the usual trails around here I headed north for a ride under the mighty trees of Coed y Brenin.

I stopped off on the way to get a first to find on a new geocache at the Dyfi Osprey Project and then continued on my way to Coed y Brenin. It was raining when I got there and although there were a few people getting ready in the car park it wasn’t that busy. I got changed and soon found myself slipping and sliding over the click rocks and roots of the Dragonsback trail.

I overtook a few people on the first couple of sections but as I got further away from the trail centre there were fewer people about. At about 5 miles into the ride I snapped a spoke in my rear wheel. I didn’t have a spare with me so I stopped and removed it just as the heavens really opened and gave me quite a soaking. I then continued on my way taking it easy so as to minimise any further damage to the rear wheel.

I did overtake a couple more people on the climb after the little cafe and then stopped (once again in a torrential downpour) for a mars bars and to check my rear wheel just before the rocky and more technical sections of the Adams Family. The people I overtook earlier caught me back up whilst I stopped so I rode with them for a little while before leaving them behind again. I’ve only ridden the Adams Family sections once before and that time they were really difficult, slippery, slidey, steep and with big rocks in the way. They have now been completely rebuilt and rode much easier this time. A little too easy in a way, but still good fun.

The last few sections of the trail were closed for repair and re-building so all trails were re-routed along a nice easy route back to the visitor centre. There were loads of people going along here which gave me a little motivation to pick up the speed and overtake them and before I realised it I was back at the visitor centre and the ride was over.

Only about 6 mile in total as the last few bits were missed off, but good fun and definately worth the drive there. I bought a new spoke in the shop and will have to dosome work on my bike tonight. Not only does the spoke need fitting and the wheel truing, but the rear shock could do with a service as well. Oh, and the bottom bracket has seen better days!

Topo section, speed and heart rate

Topo section, speed and heart rate

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