Action Packed day in Wales

What a perfect day.. Summer’s here so I was awake as soon as it got light just after 4am! I got up at 4.30am and did a few hours work on various website projects for Pixelwave Web Design, and then as everyone else stirred at around 7am I stopped for breakfast and got ready to head off to another job.

I had an hours drive along the coast in the sunshine to get to this job, invigilating an exam for a biology student, which is actually quite an easy job. When I turn up at her house, her Mum provides me with my usual bacon sandwiches and coffee and then I sit on the sofa for a few hours making sure the student has everything that she needs and doesn’t use Google or Wikipedia (or anything else that she shoudn’t)! It gives me a chance to listen to some podcasts and catch up with things. Yesterday I even had time to start watching a lecture from the Stanford University on ‘Space: The hunt for hidden dimensions’.

Once the exam was over, I headed off to Brechfa Forest for a Mountain Bike ride around the Raven Trail. The sun was still shining and the trail had dried out quite a bit, even in comparison to last week, so was riding really well. There weren’t many people out there, but I was using my Virtual Training Partner to keep me motivated and although I didn’t try too hard, kept up a nice steady pace and did the entire trail in just over 90 minutes.

Next up was a leisurely drive back home where I discovered that Morgan, Kia, Shaun and my parents had all had a lovely day out, crab fishing in Aberdovey, wandering around a nature reserve and playing in the playground. The all seemed pretty happy and Morgan certainly seems to enjoy having Kia and Shaun to play with.

The wind was blowing so I then headed off for a lovely windsurf session on the seafront at Ynylsas. Amazingly I managed to time it so that I was out on the water during the windiest part of the day. It was then back home for dinner which Anna had lovingly cooked for me.

An action packed day but I did manage to do a fair bit of work as well.

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