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I’ve been toying with the idea of a new camera or two for a while now. My existing camera is good, a Panasonic DMC LZ10 but it isn’t quite perfect. When I bought it I was after the best of both world, the easy an portability of a compact and the versatility of an SLR. At the time it was fine, a good zoom lens, plenty of exposure control and settings to play with all in one neat body.

But, it is out of date now and doesn’t have a particualrly high megapixel rating and in some ways it was always a bit of a compormise. The ‘compact’ nature meant that there wasn’t ever quite the level of conrol and sophistication you get from an SLR and to be honest it wasn’t that compact so was still quite a big camera to carry round.

So, what I want is a nice little, rugged waterproof, small compact that I can shove in my pocket or rucksack when i’m out cycling etc and a proper digital SLR so that I can get back into some proper photography. Anna was thinking of buying me the compact as a joint Xmas and birthday present but then I saw what looked like a good deal on a Canon 450D Digital SLR. I got the twin lens kit which comes with the standard 18-55mm Canon lens, a 70-300mm Tamron lens and a 4GB SDHC card. The second lens isn’t a Canon lens but the equivalent package with a canon lens was selling elsewhere for around £700 whereas this package was £540 and then you can get £50 cashback from Canon.

On top of this we got cashback by shopping via r-points and some cashback from our credit card so we actually paid around £480 for it.

Trouble is, it has already arrived, but one fifth of it is my birthday present, another fifth is my Xmas present and the remaining 3 fifths I’ve paid for. I think I’ll manage to convince Anna that I’ve paid for the camera and smaller lens so I can start playing with it now and she has bought the second lens which I’ll get for my birthday / Xmas.

I shall have to think of some photo assignments to go on now.

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