Assume Nothing Geocache Wales

I couldn’t resist another day out on my bike in the sunny weather, so after tidying up some loose ends as far as work was concerned I headed off on my bike and I hid a new geocache while I was out there. I won’t give too much away about its location but it provides lovely views over the Dyfi Estuary and hopefully the cache itself will prove just a little tricky for some people

It was inspired by the Assume Nothing series of Geocaches that we had fun with on our recent trip to the Isle of Man. It isn’t too tricky but may fix a few people if they don’t pay attention to the description. Lets just say the container is well camouflaged! Click here for the Assume Nothing Wales #1 (Bark) geoacache description.

We have a few more planned to make this into a little series of caches so this new one is just a starter. We’ve now hidden 17 geocaches in total, so hopefully this series will take us up to 20 hides before too long.

2 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    Assume Nothing Wales #2 was hidden last week and has now had its FTF.. Congratulations to blueshona.

    It has also had its first DNF too courtesy of Red kite.

    Assume Nothing #1 has had quite a few DNF’s but finally last week Climber 1958 and Mrs Climber got the FTF on it.

    More to come soon hopefully.

  2. Alan says:

    This one is proving popular, the latest finders seemed particularly impressed with it when the eventually found the geocache.

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