Aberdovey in the sunshine

Well, the hot weather continues so we thought we’d make the most of it and get out for the day. First we drove around some local lanes looking for suitable hiding places for our planned ‘Assume Nothing Wales‘ series of caches. We have a few ideas, and will hopefully get a couple of new caches hidden soon.

We then stopped in Machynlleth to buy supplies for a picnic and then headed off to find ‘Trefri Treasure‘ a new geocache just outside of Aberdovey. the location, Picnic Island, was the perfect spot for a picnic so we sat on the beach and had a lovely picnic in perfect surroundings. Morgan paddled in the sea and threw stones into the water. I skimmed stones and the perfect flat water led to some ‘record breaking’ skims! Anna just relaxed and watched

The cache was easy to find, so after some time on the beach we headed back to the car, drove through Aberdovey and Tywyn and on to find another cache. This cache, ‘Thanks to Mom and Dad‘ seemed to have gone missing though. There was a camo-bag, but no container, but we had a pleasant walk through the fields and wood looking for it so it wasn’t a complete disappointment. Anna dn Morgan wee getting tired by now, so we headed home via Happy Valley and stopped at another potential location for an assume nothing cache not far from home.

A nice day out and lovely weather. Also, as it isn’t quite summer yet nowehere was too busy which was nice. We shall soon be inundated with tourists though.

The estuary from Picnic IslandPicnicIn search of a cache

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