PEBKAC – Acronym

An increasing trend in my daily life of checking various forums, blogs etc is that I have to do a search for various acronyms that people use in their posts that mean nothing to me. One such acronym that I’ve just had to look up is PEBKAC, I had no idea what it meant so a quick search online and I had the answer.

‘Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair’… A slightly humurous way of explaining human errors when using a computer. One that I should know really as I often deal with PEBKAC’s in my professional capacity as a website designer. I’m usually pretty tolerant and forgiving of such problems though and like to lend a helping hand where possible, although it is sometimes tempting to say ‘see, it was your fault after all!’

For more variations of the acronym PEBKAC take a look at wikipedia.

Or take a look here for Acronym Books.

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