Half a Haircut

I’ve never been too lucky when it comes to haircuts. As a child my Mum (who used to be hairdresser) always cut my hair. Nothing wrong with that although I never really had ‘cool’ hair, and you have to wonder what happened to make her an ex-haridresser rather than a real one!

Once I moved away from home I did go to the barbers once or twice, but one day I went to a get my hair cut in Aberystwyth and the guy doing it decided to give my hair a good comb. A normal procedure one would think, but this guy combed with just a little too much gusto and a little too much pressure. Well, actually he went way over the top so much so that he drew blood and I ended up with long striations across my scalp that were sore for weeks afterwards…. I haven’t returned since
Recently Anna has been cutting my hair for me with a set of clippers. This was fine to start with, then one day the clippers broke and all I heard was a ‘whooops’ and then some giggling and there I was with a big chuck of hair missing. We managed to cover it up a little and got some new clippers for the next time. We have persevered with the new clippers but they were never any good and a few times now they have stopped working halfway through a haircut leaving me with a nice short number 3 on two thrids of my head and long hair elsewhere… Not ideal. This happened again on Saturday, so I ended up not being able to leave the house (without wearing a hat or my cycle helmet) on Sunday until Anna had been into town and bought some new clippers.

Thankfully these seemed to work really well, although, I’ve just seen myself in the mirror and they may have worked just a little too well…. Anna, I think they need to be on a longer setting next time!

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  1. Anna says:

    Obviously you are a slow learner Al! Morgan has already learnt not to let his mum cut his hair. Fortunately his seems to grow quite slowly and doesn’t need cutting very often but he won’t let me near him with a pair of clippers.

    Don’t worry, this new set of clippers has got instructions with them on how to do a ‘proper’ hair cut….I just didn’t read it until after I did your hair last night!

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