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Building a Bilingual WordPress CMS 10

Building a Bilingual WordPress CMS

Some of you may not know that I’m a Website Designer and I’ve recently been working on a project for the Welsh charity WAMES (The Welsh Association of ME & CFS Support). The website they want had quite a few specific requirements, but as usual budgets were tight so I had to build a site...

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Internet Woes 1

Internet Woes

I’ve been having a bit of a nightmare with connectivity recently. For some reason on a few¬†occasions¬†I’ve been unable to access any of my sites (or my clients sites) on a particular web-server – Watch out, this may get a bit techy! The first time it happened I was still able to connect to sites...

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Should I use HTML 5 – Yes or No? 3

Should I use HTML 5 – Yes or No?

I’m about to start work on building a new website for a new client. It’s a fairly simple brochure style website and it won’t use any of the new ‘features’ of HTML 5, but I wonder if I should use the new HTML specification or not? It might be a good excuse to build a...

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New Look Weblog 2

New Look Weblog

Hope you all like the new design of the site… I wanted to have a change and also make links to the latest comments a bit more visible. These can now bee seen in the column on the right. It also allowed me to add a few extra things to the columns on the right...

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