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Toenails 0

New Toe Design

Hooray, a new design on my toes. Hope you like them.

Converse All Star Toes 1

Converse All Star Toes

Here’s the latest design for my toes. Thanks to Anna’s handiwork and Morgan’s idea I currently have Converse All Star toes. It’s like wearing a cult pair of shoes on my feet even when I’m barefoot. Morgan has the same design on his toes at the moment as well. Good to see that he is...

Spotty Toes 0

Spotty Toes

Hooray, I’ve got spotty toes. Kind of summery, like little bubbles in the sea.

Fruity Toenails 0

Fruity Feet

New toenails for me – Strawberries this time to give me fruity feet. Painted by Anna of course.

Christmas Toenails 1

Christmas Toenails

Do you like my Christmas Toenails? I know that in my post about Christmas decorations yesterday I promised you Christmas cake today, but I’ve decided to leave that post until I’ve decorated the second cake, so you’ll have to make do with Christmas toenails today instead – Cake, Toenails? Not quite the same I know,...

Als Halloween Toes 2

Spooky Toes

We’ve been getting our toes ready for Halloween… Although we have now tasked Anna with finding some glow in the dark nail-varnish instead so they may well change by the end of the week. Especially seeing as I don’t really like the yellow, but we didn’t have any orange colpured nail varnish.

Union Jack Nails 1

Union Jack Toes

Yep, it’s race time again so I have to subject you to my new toes. Union Jack toes again for an international race as I’ll be competing for Team GB.


Time for some New Toes

Sorry, but as is now customary you have to endure a photo of my toes everytime they get updated! Blue stripes this time thanks to Anna’s handiwork. Amazon.co.uk Widgets

Ladybird Toenails 0

Ladybird Toenails

To herald what will hopefully soon be the onset of Spring I thought I’d go with little – well actually quite big when you think about it – Ladybirds on my toes for a while. I hope you like my ladybird toenails?