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Garmin Speed / Cadence Sensor Review

I bought myself a new gadget the other day, a Garmin Speed / Cadence Sensor for my Forerunner 305. I didn’t really NEED one but new toys are always a good motivator. When out on my bike in the real world the GPS on the Forerunner obviously tracks my speed and distance and works flawlessly....

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Calibrating a Tacx Flow Turbo Trainer

Amazon.co.uk Widgets My Tacx Flow Turbo Trainer has a built in calibration device allowing it to ensure that workouts you do on it are consistent despite changes to things such as tyre pressure, contact pressure, bike you use etc. Any change to such things would make a difference to the efficiency and could therefore adjust...

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Interval Training on Tacx Flow Turbo trainer

Amazon.co.uk Widgets I’m feeling a little fitter at last so thought I would have a go at a proper interval session on the turbo trainer this morning. I had some sample workouts from Jon following my various fitness tests and lab rat sessions at the Sports and Exercise Science Department in the University so had...

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Tacx Flow Turbo Trainer Review

<a HREF=”http://ws.amazon.co.uk/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=GB&ID=V20070822%2FGB%2Falslikklworls%2F8010%2F5fde7bfe-d5a3-42cf-a80c-c28da3ff4e04&Operation=NoScript” mce_HREF=”http://ws.amazon.co.uk/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&amp;MarketPlace=GB&amp;ID=V20070822%2FGB%2Falslikklworls%2F8010%2F5fde7bfe-d5a3-42cf-a80c-c28da3ff4e04&amp;Operation=NoScript”>Amazon.co.uk Widgets</a> I got around to buying a turbo trainer and my new Tacx T1680 Flow Turbo Trainer arrived the other day. A nice quick delivery as usual but I was out riding in the real world so didn’t get to play with it until about 10pm. Just enough time to set it...

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