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A Holiday Swarm 2

A Holiday Swarm

After a couple of weeks away and therefore no beekeeping we were wondering how our bees had been faring as we drove home after our holiday. We didn’t quite get home though before the beekeeping began! As we drove out of Builth Wells about an hour from home, I had a phonecall from someone down the road...

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Swarm 1

Housing Swarms

It’s been a busy Spring of beekeeping for us. Not only have we been busy making increase and setting up new out apiaries but we’ve been getting lots of call outs to swarms as well. The Perfect Swarm The first was a lovely swarm in Penparcau. We packed the car with the tools we thought...

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A New Queen has Risen – What shall we call her? 1

A New Queen has Risen – What shall we call her?

Things have been a little fraught on the bee-keeping front. The weather has been terrible for the bees. We seem to get one or two days where they can get out and fly, followed by 5-6 days of winds and rain that keeps them shut up in their hives. There just hasn’t been enough time...

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Triple Nuc Box 2

Swarm Housed in a Triple Nuc Box

Another day and yet more beekeeping. Hopefully that’s all the intervention they’ll need for today though. After catching the swarm from Clettwr yesterday it was housed in a temporary plastic nuc box overnight. We have run out of suitable equipment to accommodate any more colonies so borrowed a triple nuc box contraption from Ann. Essentially...

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