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Ynyslas 1

Calm Sunsets at Ynyslas

Just a few photos of the sunset last night. A brief spell of calm between the storms. A bit of a contrast to the stormy seas from Storm Eleanor last week which saw gusts of up to 55 knots. The aftermath of which is still evidenced by the flooded car park The calmness is over...

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Sunset at Ynyslas 0

Spring Skies at Ynyslas

It was such a nice day yesterday but I was stuck at work. So, come the evening I couldn’t resist walking to Scouts rather than getting in the car. So, here’s a couple of photos from the beach last night. Lovely Spring Skies. Things weren’t looking too shabby in the garden at sunrise either – as...

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Ynyslas Sunset 2

Ynyslas Sunset – The Beach is on Fire!

Yet another gorgeous Ynyslas sunset on Saturday. And I admit to adjusting the image somewhat to give it a more dreamy feel, so for those purists amongst you, here’s the original as well straight from my phone.

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Sunset reflected in car 0

You Can’t Beat a Good Sunset

You simply can’t beat a good sunset, especially on a short chilly November day. It even makes my less than exciting car look good! It’s just a shame about the telegraph pole… I wonder how much it costs to get them to put the cables underground?

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Sunset over the Golf Course 0

The End of the Weekend

After a fairly wet and miserable weekend, the clouds cleared last night and we were finally treated to the sort of sunset that Ynyslas does best.

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