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Tuesday Morning Sunrise 2

A Tuesday Morning Sunrise

It’s not looking too bad out there for a Tuesday morning in December. It’s 8am, the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station is reading 1ºC and there’s lovely sunrise. There’s a decent surf rolling into the beach and it’s all overlooked by a thin crescent moon and the bright light of Venus. Lovely!

Pastel Waves 0

Mother Nature Showtime

Mother Nature is putting on quite a show again this morning. Big Surf, 50 knot winds and a glorious sunrise. I couldn’t resist a few more photos. This post is therefore nothing but a few nice photos of the sea and the beach here at Ynyslas.

Sunset at Ynyslas 0

Spring Skies at Ynyslas

It was such a nice day yesterday but I was stuck at work. So, come the evening I couldn’t resist walking to Scouts rather than getting in the car. So, here’s a couple of photos from the beach last night. Lovely Spring Skies. Things weren’t looking too shabby in the garden at sunrise either – as...

Red Sky in the Morning 0

Red Sky in the Morning

After a glorious night of star-gazing last night we were treated to an amazing sunrise too. You can’t beat the natural world for a light display.


First day of Winter

December the 1st, the first day of winter and after what turned out to be a very windy autumn, the weather is right on cue with the first frost. The winds have eased here in Wales and we had a lovely clear night last night with a nice moon. The temperature dropped to -0.7ºC overnight...