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Team-GB 1

Testing New Wheels and Some PB’s

It’s always difficult to do a proper test of new parts or new kit for the bike. There are always so many variables at play that it’s not easy to say for sure whether or not these things make a difference, especially when testing in the real world and especially when you don’t have a...

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Lego Space Shuttle 2

Blueberry picking, Mountain Biking and Geocaching at Nant yr Arian

The school holidays seem to be flying by and the list of things Morgan and I wanted to do during them has barely been touched. We’ve been busy with plenty of other things but thanks to all of this, we haven’t even started on the days of geocaching, mountain biking, surfing, kayaking, gardening, painting and...

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Segment Stats for the Golf Course Mile 0

Strava Segment Hunting

Hahahaha, Strava make me giggle sometimes! It’s been a while since I held the Strava KOM on the Borth Golf Course Straight segment, but it’s the closest segment to my house and, as Jon pointed out the other day, about time I attempted to regain it as he had been in the top spot since he...

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Strava, Race Shape and other Strava Tools

I can’t quite remember if I’ve blogged about Strava.com before, but if not, I should have. It’s yet another website that allows you to upload your GPS data from cycling and running sessions. You can record this data on a GPS device such as my Garmin Forerunner 910XT or a GPS enabled Mobile such as...

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The Pain of a Strava Segment 0

The Pain of a Strava Segment

I really shouldn’t have done it, I know I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t help myself. It was my second run after a few weeks off due to a knee injury so I should have been taking it easy. My training schedule had me down to do the following: Run: 60 min steady with 2x 6...

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A Brutal New Course Record 1

A Brutal New Course Record

Wow, that was quite a run, I was smashing records all over the place. Wednesday morning seems to be my day for a long hilly run. Not that long in comparison to what some people do, but long enough for me. As the nearest hills are about 4 miles from here, I tend to drive...

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GU Goodies 1

GU Goodies

Look what just came in the post. A whole pile of free GU Goodies courtesy of the fact that I completed a Strava Challenge. The GU 100,000 mile challenge ran from March 9th to April 9th, The challenge was to rack up as many miles as you could. “The more miles you ran, the more...

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Hardtail Loving

It’s been a busy week so far this week and we feel as though we’ve barely had time to catch up after our weekend away. Today was just as busy. I started off the day with some website work on the computer, and then went out for a hard, 10 mile run. It wasn’t that...

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