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Flight Details 0

Flight+ Review – Flight Tracking app for iPad

Not being a seasoned traveller I’ve never had the need for any flight tracking apps on my iPad but with an impending trip to New Zealand on the horizon I thought I’d check some out and ended up using Flight+, a really clever app designed to track and manage flights all around the world. It’s really...

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Geocaching 3

Geocaching with GeoBucket

After our visit to the Silver Mountain Experience on Thursday, we pulled out the iPad and decided to test a new (to me) gecoaching app that we have. It’s called Geo Bucket and I downloaded it because I was looking for a new app that we could use offline for gecoaching, specifically whilst in New...

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Spark People Calorie Counter 3

Calorie Counting and Diet Tracking apps on an iPad – Review

Whilst eating a large steak and chips and a sticky toffee pudding with ice cream the other day I got into a conversation with some friends about the amount I eat. Basically they were all pretty amazed by how much I could consume. Now, I’m not fat, I’m around 5’7″ and 70kg which puts me...

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Garmin Sensor Readouts 0

Garmin Speed / Cadence Sensor Review

I bought myself a new gadget the other day, a Garmin Speed / Cadence Sensor for my Forerunner 305. I didn’t really NEED one but new toys are always a good motivator. When out on my bike in the real world the GPS on the Forerunner obviously tracks my speed and distance and works flawlessly....

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Lunchtime Cycle – No holding back 0

Lunchtime Cycle – No holding back

Before heading off on todays lunchtime ride I had told myself that the plan was for a nice easy ‘recovery’ ride. I had done a hard 25 mile ride yesterday, I have circuits and Swimfit to go to this evening and a long MTB ride planned for tomorrow, so and easy ride was on the...

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Mac Training Software Review

I’ve recently decided to try to get a little fitter again, so as well as buying some gadgets I wanted some software to track my progress (or lack of progress as it may turn out to be). I’ve been looking at various applications for the Mac and evaluating them so thought I’d share my thoughts...

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