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The First Hive Inspection of 2021

With temperatures just about getting to double figures, the sun shining and no wind I decided it was time for the first hive inspection of 2021. The bees and been flying for a couple of days. They’d even looked quite busy for a few minutes at one point. I therefore knew that there were at...

A Fera Bee Inspection 3

A Fera Bee Inspection

We had our first visit from a FERA bee inspector yesterday. There has been a recent case of American Foulbrood in the area. American foulbrood (AFB), is a highly infectious and destructive bee disease caused by the spore- forming Paenibacillus larvae ssp. larvae. It is widespread and a huge problem in America, but thankfully fairly rare here in...

The Trouble with Bees 0

The Trouble with Bees

The trouble with bees is that you just never know quite what to expect! Our last inspection was pretty good, all four colonies in all four hives were looking up with queens, eggs and larvae in all of them, no signs of swarming and they were beginning to draw out empty frames and start building...