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What’s Your Resting Heart Rate? 0

What’s Your Resting Heart Rate?

Just out of interest I thought I’d wear my Garmin Forerunner 305 heart rate monitor to bed last night to see what my resting heart rate was. I expected it to be fairly low, as it always seems pretty low compared to most people and thought it would somewhere around 40bpm, but I checked it...


Pendam Trail – GPS + HRM Stats

Seeing as James asked for a daily updates as far as my attempts to get fit are concerned, here are the stats from my Mountain Bike Ride around the Pendam Trail at Nant-yr-Arian today. First the route itself, My Speed and Heart Rate graph… Max 172bpm once again! And the summary stats. After the first...

GPS Enabled Devices 0

GPS Enabled Devices

I seem to be becoming GPS enabled in all walks of life these days. It started with a Garmin eTrex that I originally bought to see how fast I could go whilst windsurfing and then started using for geocaching. I had a TomTom One XL for my birthday which has been working well and is...