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A Brutal New Course Record 1

A Brutal New Course Record

Wow, that was quite a run, I was smashing records all over the place. Wednesday morning seems to be my day for a long hilly run. Not that long in comparison to what some people do, but long enough for me. As the nearest hills are about 4 miles from here, I tend to drive...

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Running at Race Pace 0

Running at Race Pace

I don’t know about Anna’s walking the world, but I’ve been trying to do a bit more running lately. I still don’t do much, but rather than getting out once a week I’ve been trying to increase this to 2-3 times per week. Trouble is I seem to be getting slower each tim I go...

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Lunchtime Cycle – No holding back 0

Lunchtime Cycle – No holding back

Before heading off on todays lunchtime ride I had told myself that the plan was for a nice easy ‘recovery’ ride. I had done a hard 25 mile ride yesterday, I have circuits and Swimfit to go to this evening and a long MTB ride planned for tomorrow, so and easy ride was on the...

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