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Blood Tests 2

Blood Tests

After 3 months on choloesterol lowering statins I had another blood test. The cholesterol levels are down from 6.2 to 4.8. The doctor wants them down below 4 so I’m now on slightly higher strength statins. At least they are doing the trick.

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Classifieds Update 0

Classifieds Update

Despite having work coming out of my ears at the moment I have over the past few days managed to play around with the Classifieds Section of my Forces-of-Nature website. Although the functionality isn’t that different (there is only so much you can do with a list of For Sale adverts) it has had a...

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Becoming Chilled 0

Becoming Chilled

We’ve just spent a busy weekend in Bristol going to Helen and Steve’s wedding (congratulations you two!), going out for a meal for my Dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday!) and generally visiting family etc/ I even managed to fir in a business meeting on Bank Holiday Monday which was good. No, the weekend was particularly windy,...

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Weblog Widget. 0

Weblog Widget.

Now, people reading this won’t know this, but I’m posting this blog entry from a widget on my Mac OS X Dashboard… I assume it will work anyway. Hw clever is that! It got me wondering what other weblog clients are out there for the Mac, so here’s a little list. I haven’t checked any...

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Butterflies 0


Well, part of the deal that allowed me to go on holiday recently was that Anna was able to have a couple of weekends to herself, so she has been off to Shrewbury where she met her Mum while I have been on Dad duties looking after Morgan. Yesterday wasn’t too nice weather wise so...

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Back from Dahab, Egypt

Well, we survived our trip to Egypt. no bombs and for me no emergency toilet trips either! Dahab is nice, I certainly wouldn’t call it pretty, but the backdrop of the Sinai mountains are spectacular and the views across the Gulf of Aquaba to Saudi Arabia are good. The villa we stayed in was really...

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Bombs in Dahab 0

Bombs in Dahab

I’m sure you have all heard the news about the bombs in Dahab by now… Terrible news of course and terrible timing as far as I am concerned as I was looking forward to my first ever foreign windsurfing holiday to Dahab, leaving on Saturday. It is amazing how your thoughts on world news change...

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LBJ’s at last 1

LBJ’s at last

Well, its been a while but we finally had some LBJ (Little Brown Jobs) visitors to the bird table today. A Robin and some sparrows to be precise. Nothing too exciting but it is a start.!

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