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Trekking in the High Atlas of Morocco – A Mount Toubkal mini-Adventure

Wow! I don’t say wow very often, but ‘Wow’, what a weekend that was! A crazy weekend in Morocco visiting the markets of Marrakech and magnificent mountains of the High Atlas, with a sunrise summit of the highest peak, Mount Toubkal, at 4167m. Things started fairly frantically on Thursday afternoon while Anna was heading back...


Hectic Travel Plans for Anna

Anna’s Mum (who lives on the Isle of Man) has been in hospital in Manchester for a few days, so Anna had been on standby to collect here from the hospital and escort her home once she was discharged. Anna got that call on Monday afternoon and so left work and jumped on the train...


Cyprus Holiday Videos

Technology is pretty good sometimes. My photos and videos from my phone get automatically sent to Google Photos so that I have an online backup of them – along of course with about 6 other backups on various Hard Drives and then backups of those Hard Drives, another of which is in the Cloud. Actually,...


Cycling in Cyprus

I couldn’t possibly go a whole week without doing some proper exercise so I hired a bike from Colin at Larnaca Pro Cycles. I decided prior to going out there that I didn’t need a super high specced bike for the type of riding I was likely to do, although the Cannondale Evo Super Six...


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Cyprus

I think Morgan and I spent more time snorkeling whilst on Holiday in Cyprus than we did anything else. Anna did some snorkelling with us too. The water was warm and the most comfortable place to be. The sea was clear and although there wasn’t huge amounts of life there was plenty to see. We...


Chill Out Catamaran Cruise

Just a quick video from our Chill Out Catamaran Cruise during our holiday in Cyprus. The video pretty much sums it up.

Green Bay 2

Holiday to Cyprus

We’ve not long got back from a lovely family holiday to Cyprus. Our first proper foreign family holiday since we all went to New Zealand back in 2012. Rather than go through each day one by one in my usual fashion I’ll write a quick synopsis here and then add some separate blog posts about...

Visiting Spain with Your Family 0

Visiting Spain with Your Family

Spain is a very family-friendly destination. The food is very diverse, which means there’s always something to satisfy the fussiest of palates. The range of different accommodation is vast, and there are a wide variety of attractions to suit all ages. Enjoying a holiday in Spain isn’t too much of a challenge as long as...

Family Segway Tour 1

The Rame Peninsula – Camping Trip Day 4

The last day of our holiday already, and typically we awoke to find a thick sea mist had soaked everything. Thankfully, by the time we had been for a swim in the swimming pool, cooked, and eaten pancakes things were drying out nicely and the sun was out. It was forecast to be hot today...

Dusk in the Van 0

The Rame Peninsula – Camping Trip Day 3

The weather was a little overcast today so rather than head to the beach we headed along the coast to a Monkey Sanctuary near Looe. It was a rescue centre for monkeys that had at some point in their life been part of the pet trade. Staff stood around the enclosures telling us the life...