Quad Camp Day 6

That’s good news, I think I had a good nights sleep last night. I went to bed at around 10:30 after reading for a while. I don’t remember lying there trying to get to sleep as usual, and the next thing I know, I’m getting up and it 5am. I’m not usually very good at sleeping so a nice long nights sleep like that is notable. What’s more, my legs are nowhere near as sore as they were yesterday and I can exit the van forwards rather than having to reverse out! 

Time for a snot update too. Judging by the pressure in my sinuses there is still plenty there. It doesn’t seem so willing to come out today though and is quite happy hanging out in my sinuses. That’s an improvement but still a little irritating. What is ejected forcefully from my nostrils isn’t green anymore either. It’s clear with little flecks of blood. It looks though things are improving so you’ll be glad to hear that if they continue to so that this might be the last mention of snot for a while.

The plan for today isn’t much. After a week of racing and training it’s time for a bit of a rest day. Most people are heading off home, the weather is windy and likely to get wet and recovery / adaptation time is needed. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, maybe I’ll just laze around. In fact, as it’s still only 6am I’m going to lie back down for a bit and maybe doze some more, there’s no hurry to do anything so why not.

No doubt I’ll get itchy feet at some point during the day. I might go for a walk, or maybe head off somewhere in the van, but that will inevitably end up with me spending money and so far this ‘holiday’ has been very cheap as other than £4 for a coffee and bacon bap in Porthmadog I’ve spent nothing. It might be nice to get some mobile reception somewhere so that I can catch up with a few things. There is an option to join in with the Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers kayak Time Trial this evening as well. I’m not sure of the details of it yet so will need reception to find that out as well. There’s plenty of time though so I’ll chill for a while first and will update you here later.

A day in Conwy

Well, as planned today did indeed turn out to be a chilled day. I hung around at the campsite for a while, had a shower, had a shave and read my book. I then took a nice relaxed drive to Conwy. First stop was Tesco for some supplies. Fresh fruit and fresh croissants along with some chest and throat pastilles and a few other things that took my fancy. I then drove the RSPB Conwy and sat in the van overlooking the river. I had 4G here do was able to catch up with some emails and such like, upload some workouts and best of all have a chat with Anna. She isn’t coming up this weekend which is a shame, but it doesn’t matter as I can always head home on Saturday evening rather than Sunday. I then went into the café for coffee and cake and hung around there for a while. 

I then drive around to the Marina and chilled on the beach there for the rest of the afternoon. The sun was coming out now so things were improving all the time. 

I was in Conwy to meet up with the Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers and join in with their Friday evening Kayak Time Trial.

I’d never done it before so wasn’t 100% sure if the route. Luckily I was set off last as James had decided I would be the fastest so I had people to follow. It’s two laps, out and back, started in the shadow of Conwy Castle.

Conwy Castle

I started off at an easy pace as it was supposed to be a bit of a rest day today after a busy week. I also didn’t want to catch those in front too quickly as I needed to see where they were going. I went a little harder on the second lap but was never flat out. I put in a decent time of 36:20 for the 6km course though so was happy with that. It was the fastest time of the evening, and according to James the fastest time this year in fairly difficult conditions. I’ll take that.

It was then a pleasant drive back to the campsite. The population of the campsite had increased ten fold or more since I had left this morning. It was buzzing with excited people who had presumably arrived for the weekend. I knocked up a quick beef casserole (straight out of a tin), are it from the saucepan and then settled down to chill for the evening with a mug of hot chocolate and a packet of biscuits. A nice easy day, but I haven’t decided what to do tomorrow yet. The South Ridge is Snowdon is calling, but a bike ride and a swim would be nice too.

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