Friendly Cats

We’re slowly getting there with our friendly cats! It’s taken a while but as stray and semi-feral rescue cats it’s not been easy.

Parkin the fat ginger tom still won’t let us anywhere near him, but Cosmo and Luna are gradually beginning to tolerate us! They all line up in the hall waiting to be fed and then scamper off to be near the cat flap ready for a quick exit as we go to feed them.

Luna comes into the living room every evening to say hello and have her head scratched. We like to think that’s what she comes in for anyway, but really she’s just coming in to tell us that it’s time to feed them. She does like having her head scratched though and even sat on Anna’s lap on the sofa the other evening. We’ve managed to get her to play with bits of string in the living room as well and sometimes she looks like a normal friendly cat when she’s just lying on the carpet cleaning herself.

Cosmo rarely ventures into the living room as she is scared of the TV but she does spend a fair bit of time sat up on her tower in the conservatory and is quite tolerant of being stroked now. Although, once again this is only really the case when you are about to feed her.



All three are still fairly flighty though and still haven’t worked out how to use the cat-flap unless we prop the flap itself open. One day we’ll have ‘normal’ friendly cats like everyone else!

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