When Millie came to stay

As a favour for a friend we did some dog sitting. We wondered what the cats would think and I wondered if this might encourage Morgan to get out in the great outdoors.

Saying Hello

Saying Hello

The cats didn’t seem bothered at all. We had a plan to keep dog and cats separate at different ends of the house and Luna made sure she gave all the dog beds a good sniff before Millie arrived.

Luna Checking out Millies Bed

Luna Checking out Millies Bed

Millie certainly seemed interested in the cats end of the house and tried every tactic to get down there in the search of uneaten cat food. Our cats aren’t daft though and stayed well clear of her, coming in for a cuddle at bed time when Millie was safely out of the way and Parkin makes sure there is no spare food lying around.

Morgan did seem quite keen and volunteered for dog walking duties with his friend on Saturday afternoon however the novelty had worn off by the time rainy Sunday morning came around.

Millie was no trouble at all and soon settled into the house. She didn’t seem bothered at all that I had taken her from her house and brought her to ours and was happy to go out for walks with us and come straight back to us when called.  I don’t think we’ll ever be a doggy household but the occasional dog sitting seemed to work well.

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  1. Mum ( in - law ) says:

    She looks gorgeous , well behaved and contented.
    I guess Morgan isnt going to offer dog walking as a way of earning a few extra £’s then ,obviously he prefers the warmth of the chippy lol x

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