Hellish Hill Reps

After what was supposed to be a recovery week training wise, it was back to it today with some hellish hill reps.

Not that the preceding week was exactly restful thanks to lots and lots of work to do, both website design work and working at the University, which meant that in order to fit it all in I was up around 4:30am most days in order to get the household chores done get some training in and get to work. Evenings were taken up with yet more chores, birthday party dinners for Morgan, walking with the Scouts and of course more training. Saturday, my rest day was spent gardening for the first time in ages. There’s loads to do out there though so I had to make a start. Not a huge amount of recovery going on there, but the training load was slightly less than the week before.

This morning’s session was two lots of 4x 2 minute hill reps, so I picked a steep hill and went for it. Muscles were burning before long, but I stuck with it and managed all 8 reps in total and all at a decent pace (for such a hill) as well.

This of course made for a nice heart rate pattern.

Heart Rate From Hill Reps

Heart Rate From Hill Reps

It was then off to the pool for a hour of laps before heading home to clean the kitchen, cook lunch and then settle down in front of the computer for an afternoon of work. Meanwhile Anna knocked up some delicious Welsh Cakes for us to eat seeing as it’s St David’s Day today. I’m looking forward to my steak and leeky mashed potato dinner now as well courtesy of a Gousto Box. Think we might even splash out and have a bottle of wine with it too. Talking of Gousto Boxes, if you want to try one, then here’s a coupon that will give you £25 discount on your order… Just enter the coupon code ANNA18596 at the checkout.

I’ll then be well and truly ready for bed. Maybe it’s time for a new memory foam mattress from somewhere such as bedsos to help me with my sleep. My training seems to be coming together, so it’s now time to work on my recovery as you really can’t under-estimate the importance of a good nights sleep for improving your performance. It doesn’t matter how hard your workouts are, you need to recovery in order to improve and having a comfortable bed has to be the first step in this process, followed by good sleep hygiene such as a cool, dark quiet room, a lack of white or blue light in the hours prior to bedtime and of course stress minimisation. Plenty for me to work on in those areas.

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  1. mum says:

    Busy as always 🙂

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