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I’ve been asked to add a post here about contact lenses for sports, so here’s a guest blog post courtesy of Total Marketing.

People switch from eyeglasses to contacts every day, for a number of different reasons. Eyeglasses still work just fine for the people who prefer to wear them, and there are a number of benefits that they offer that contact lenses do not. However, the fact is that high volume contact lens companies like Acuvue now offer a wide variety of different styles, which means that most people can find a comfortable and appealing option to wear. Again, people go about making the change to contacts for several different reasons, and every situation. But one reason that spreads across a whole range of potential benefits is quite simple: sport.

While many sports and athletic activities can be played indoors or with glasses or prescription athletic goggles, there are a number of athletic activities that just about demand contact lenses. Some sports take place outside in conditions that can be difficult with glasses, and others simply involve too much motion and/or physical contacts for glasses to be a safe or comfortable option. If you happen to engage in these activities regularly, switching to contacts is a virtual necessity! Here are a few specific examples.

  • Swimming – While prescription swimming goggles are available, they can be expensive, and they also leave you blind out of the water. Wearing contact lenses with ordinary goggles is far more simple, and allows you to see well immediately upon getting out of the pool.
  • Cycling – When you ride your bike for exercise, your eyes encounter a great deal of wind resistance. Additionally, you will likely change direction several times during an average ride, which means at some point you’ll be looking toward the sun. For both of these reasons, cycling is often done with sunglasses on, and it’s tough to wear effective sunglasses with eyeglasses on!
  • Triathlon – Cycling and swimming have already been covered, and make up two of the three components of a triathlon. However, even if you manage cycling or swimming with eyeglasses on, it would be difficult to complete triathlon comfortably in anything but contacts. This is due both to the natures of the individual sports, and to the quick transitions between them.
  • Action Sports – Whether it’s surfing or kite boarding on the ocean, skiing and snowboarding down snowy mountains, or skateboarding, action sports involve constant, abrupt changes of motion, as well as the potential for crashes or wipeouts. Glasses are only hindrances for action sports athletes.

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