Wind Resistant Plants?

So much for my wind resistant plants!!

Wind Damaged Polygonum

Wind Damaged Polygonum

All had been going well and the new pergola was looking lovely with a very luxurious growth of Polygonum and Solanum that I had planted in June. In fact we had been surprised by the growth which was of course due in part by the warm, wet and windless summer that we’ve had. I never said that these plants would be particularly wind resistant so this was always going to be an experiment, but we’ve had some wind this week and the results are now in.

The Solanum has held up well, as has the Honeysuckle (although this hasn’t grown much yet) but the Polygonum is most definitely not a very wind resistant plant! Within hours of the wind getting to full force here (which is of course a very windy place) it was reduced to a sorry looking wind burnt tangle of stems with no leaves at all. The luxurious green growth that had enveloped the side and top of the pergola is no more… The wind was gusting to 40 knots or more according to the weather station in the back garden, but I think it is back to the drawing board as far as the Polygonum is concerned.

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  1. Pat says:

    What a shame. Its a good thing I got to see it when I did!! At least you won’t be so upset now when they come to dig it all up.

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