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It’s time we planned a family holiday. We were thinking of going to Spain and staying at a friends villa in Estepona. I built the website for the villa so would get a little discount on the cost of staying there. but for some reason Spain never really got us that excited. Of course it would have been a nice break and I’m sure we would have loved it there, but half the fun of a holiday is in the planning and those plans didn’t quite do it for us.

As anyone with a 2 year son will know, a holiday isn’t much of a rest, but a break is as good as a rest, so always something to look forward to. However, our plan was to meet Anna’s mum somewhere and share our holiday with her, which would mean that Anna and I could at least go out for a meal once or twice in the evening whilst Anna’s mum babysat for us (She isn’t much of an evening person anyway).

Anna’s mum wasn’t that inspired by Spain either. She is however about to embark on a MPhil which has something to do with the history of churches, especially Manx churches. (I’ve probably got that completely wrong, but it is something along those lines). Apparently the Isle of Islay in Scotland used to be under the same control as far as churches goes as the Isle of Man so Anna’s mum would like to go there…. Now you’re talking!!! Anna and I have a liking of Scottish islands and even spent our honeymoon on the Outer Hebrides, so this sounded ideal. It does actually work out cheaper than going to Spain and all of a sudden we are excited about a holiday and planning the details.

There are no definite plans yet, but it looks as though we will be going to Islay in April. The trip there should be an adventure in itself, with a long drive to Scotland, then a ferry crossing from the mainland to Arran, a night on Arran, then a crossing to the Mull of Kintyre, followed by another crossing to Islay itself.

Anna’s mum is excited about the prospect too, so we are all looking forward to a week on Islay. My only concern is that the water will still be pretty cold in April (maybe that is part of Anna’s master plan??). The beaches look good though and there should be plenty of wind and waves to keep me amused.

Peat Smoke and Spirit: A Portrait of Islay and Its Whiskies

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