New Bedroom

I’ve been waiting for Al to tell you about this but I’ve given up waiting.

We finally got around to ordering our new bedroom furniture. With limited choice around here we had to get it from MFI but we found just what we were after and I think we managed to get a fairly good deal as well.

As with all things like this nothing ever runs smoothly and after waiting nearly 4 weeks for delivery we hit our firt problem! I rang to check the delivery time only to be told by a recorded message that our furniture had already been delivered!….there was definitely no new furniture at our house and we were surviving on no bedroom furniture ready for the new stuff. A quick call to our local store sorted this one out and they assured me it would be delivered the following morning.

Delivered it was, within the time limits given. All good so far!….until the delivery men informed Al that not all of the stuff was there and the rest would be delivered in about 2 weeks….Typical! Not only this, we had a ‘courtesy’ call from MFI after the delivery to let us know that not everything would be there!

Al had taken a day off (from windsurfing I think) to wait in for the new stuff and I had taken the following day off to help build it all with Migmogs out of the way. I have rung and complained and apparently once the rest of the itiems are delivered they will call me to discuss a gesture of goodwill (I’ll believe it when I hear it!).

It wasn’t actually as bad as it first seemed. We were missing 3 cabinets which meant we could at least put the wardrobes together. The first one went up quickly, even with Morgan helping. Then we got out the bit that fits it into the wall giving the nice finished effect. We stood looking at this for about 2 hours and gave up.

The following day we cracked it and what is there so far looks really good. I don’t know where we would have been if Al hadn’t picked up a few good DIY tips from his dad. Al did the technical bits and I put the drawers together (we all know who will get the blame if they fall to bits in years to come).

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