Swell of the Century

OK, so ‘swell of the century’ is probably a bit of an exaggeration as I have only been here for 11 years and I’ve seen bigger swells than that, but ‘swell of the last year or so’ didn’t have quite the same ring to it. Come to think of it it wasn’t even that big, but it has been a while since we had any significant waves here in Cardigan Bay so it certainly had the feel of a good swell.

Thankfully the swell arrived over the weekend so was perfect timing for the Borth Masters surf competiton held at the Lifeboat Station in Borth where the surf was small but clean. Further up the beach at Ynyslas as these photos show the surf was much bigger and with a strong NE wind on Sunday they looked spectacular.

So, what did I get up to? Well the usual crew of itinerant kitesurfers and windsurfers from the Midlands had seen the forecast of Easterly winds and headed elsewhere, most had gone to Blackrock Sands in North Wales where the winds were much lighter and one of them managed to get into a bit of an incident that ended up involving most of the North Wales emergency services by the sounds of it. For me, despite having a cold I managed to get out for a windsurf on Saturday Morning followed by a nice Surf. I then had another Surf on Saturday Afternoon and then on Sunday a very windy windsurf in the estuary at Ynyslas.

All in all an epic weekend on the beach here and I even managed to watch some of the surf contest with Anna and Morgan, chop some firewood ready for winter, clear out the shed and get rid of our old sofas ready for the new ones to arrive tomorrow.

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