Dad Duties

I’m on Dad duties today as the creche that Morgan goes to in Aberystwyth only has 6 places and they don’t have a place for him on a Tuesday. As Anna has a proper job at the university it is therefore my task to look after him on a Tuesday. I am in charge all evening as well now because Anna has started singing in the local Cor-y-Gors choir and has a practise every Tuesday evening.

Usually we have a great time. We go for walks on the beach, he clambers all over me, we get as messy as we want at mealtimes and its good to be able to spend some time with him. I like to think he enjoys his day with me as well. Today the weather is pretty miserable so there are unlikely to be any walks on the beach. On top of which I’m still suffering with a terrible cold. As you can tell from the photo the fact that Morgan doesn’t sit still for a second means that he can be quite a handful so there is very little chance of any rest for me.

Really I should get on with some work on the computer as I have a few website templates to build for a client. I don’t think there will be much chance of that today as I need to make the most of any time that Morgan is asleep and get some rest myself. And for those who don’t believe that I am ill, it is pretty windy out there and I don’t even feel like going windsurfing today!

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